Back to School


On June 29th, these excited and smiling children of Enyorata returned to school, ready to jump into new learning activities following a three-month break due to COVID 19. (Unlike their western counterparts, Zoom learning was not an option.) With exercise books, a pencil, and an eraser in their backpacks, Vincent drove them in the Enyorata van, as he does each, on the ten-minute, bumpy ride over dirt roads to Imbaseny Peace School. They arrived with time to spare, thanks to Vincent and the fact that they were ready super early for their first day. Following a few moments of hugs and chats, they joined schoolmates for morning assembly in front of the buildings. After the rituals, which include singing the Tanzanian national anthem, saying a prayer, and receiving instructions, it was off to Class 1 and Class 2. Their assigned desks in long rows were waiting for them in a room with a large chalkboard, teacher table, shelf or two, and a few posters on the wall.

The children quickly restarted the serious task of academic learning, where the right answers are as essential as sitting silent and still and paying close attention to their teachers. But, during their recesses, they were like school children around the world --- giggling, shouting, and playing with abandon, thrilled to be with their friends once again!