Meet the Children


Nancy comes from a single mother in the Masaai community. It took her a couple of months to feel comfortable at Enyorata, but now she is as happy and playful as the other children. Nancy is a slow eater and a fast runner. She enjoys jumping rope and learning from Saumu. She speaks softly but loves to sing.


Joshua is a comedian who loves to be silly and a little mischievous. He keeps everyone laughing with his antics. Quick to smile and giggle, Joshua appreciates his large family at Enyorata. He does well academically and even better in outdoor games.


Miriam is a bit shy and reserved although very quick with a smile. She is persistent with her schoolwork and mastering outdoor skills. She and Maria make a powerful duo but are happy playing with the other boys and girls.


Ivone is very outgoing and loves attention. She enjoys reading and listening to stories. She is happiest when singing and is always eager to do chores. She is kind to her brothers and sisters and affectionate with the adults at Enyorata.