Meet the Children


At the age of 3, Simon was tending cattle for his parents. Vincent approached his family about Simon joining the Enyorata family. Simon came to the orphanage speaking very little Swahili and no English and is doing well in both languages now. He is a very happy, outgoing boy who loves to play and work with the Montessori materials.


Hans was being raised by his grandparents who could not afford to keep him. We are very happy to have him in the Enyorata family. Hans loves to run and play outdoors. He is an easy-going boy and is kind to everyone.


Bernard is the second oldest boy at Enyorata.. His mother placed him at Enyorata because his stepfather demanded that Bernard not be fed or cared for. His mom comes to visit on visitation days. Bernard is a very bright, friendly, energetic boy whose smile lights up a room.


Maria comes from a family who could not meet the needs of a child. Maria might be one of the smaller children but she is mighty. Always in the middle of all the outdoor games, running, throwing balls and jumping rope. Maria wants to win! She is always proud to display her academic success.