Meet the Children


Godfrey is 7 years old and the oldest of the children at Enyorata.  He and his sister, Linah, came to Enyorata because their single mother was not able to feed them. He was very timid and shy at first but his personality is beginning to shine. He takes his learning time very seriously and is quick to raise his hand. He is a whiz at jacks and football.


When Ivan's mom was pregnant, her husband left, and as her life became more difficult, she started neglecting Ivan and left him with his grandmother. Not able to support him properly, she brought him to Enyorata. He is the happiest young boy! Ivan is a very smart boy who loves Montessori learning, and sings his heart out.


Chrispin is the youngest child to arrive at Enyorata. His father left upon hearing of the mother's pregnancy. Being overwhelmed, his mother took her own life. Chrispin was found abandoned, but fortunately, a man saw him by the side of his house and took him in temporarily. Chrispin is thriving and full of life. A little bashful at first, but quick to open up, he loves to play games outdoors. Academically, Chrispin is an enthusiastic learner.


Glory warms the heart of everyone at Enyorata. She is tiny but jumps into every activity with enthusiasm and joy. Her vivacious personality draws everyone to her. She is a fast learner and started reading when she was four