Building and/or general fund

Where your donations to the Building Fund will be used.

Where your donations to the General Fund will be used.

$100                       $750

Landscaping,                                            Appliances, dining

 trunks for children's                                tables

 storage, new pots and pans                                                                               

$250                            $2500

Classroom Supplies (shelving,                        Building 

blackboards, adult table and chairs)             materials

twin beds for Matrons.                  


Towels, soap for bathing, Month of hand soap.


Three months of Vitamins. Upkeep for our milk cows


A month's worth of food. Month of salaries for our wonderful staff


Food and bedding for our egg laying chickens.


Transportation costs for 2 months (kids to and from school, grocery shopping), medical care

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We look forward to hearing from you 

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