Enyorata Staff


is the eldest of two siblings. After finishing her secondary education, Sarah went to Green Bird College in the Kilimanjaro region. She graduated with a certificate in primary education. Upon graduation, Sarah talked with Vincent about a job. She has been with Enyorata for a couple of years. Sarah lives at the orphanage and works pretty much non-stop. Up early with the children to help them get ready for their day, she hand washes their clothes, keeps the inside clean, helps at mealtimes, and interacts with the children in The Montessori Room and outside, all with a smile on her face. Sarah is a bundle of energy and full of love for the children.


Witness is the matron at Enyorata. She was born in 2001 at Marangu and is the second of five children in her family, which is part of the A'm Chagga tribe. She is very excited to be working with the kids at Enyorata Children's Home, and we are thrilled to have her!


has raised 5 children of her own and now works part-time at Enyorata. She approached Vincent at church about working at the Children's Home. She covers for Sarah, Happy and Juliana on their day off.  One of her favorite things to do with the children is teach them Bible stories in the evenings. Ruth is excited about being with the children and loving them as if they are her own.


is the wonderful cook at Enyorata. She is married and has three beautiful daughters. Her family lives next to the Children's Home. She is able to bring her toddler with her. Juliana made her feel welcomed the first time Tracy met her. She doesn't speak English but greets visitors with a warm hug and bright smile. In addition to her cooking duties, Julianna is happy to help wherever she is needed.


comes from a family of three children and is a single mother of a 10 year old daughter. She graduated from Sinon College with a degree in Early Childhood Education. Saumu was working at an English immersion primary school before coming to Enyorata. At that school, she learned about the Montessori approach and guided ages three to six in a Montessori learning cycle for part of their day. She has been with us since January 2018 and the kids English has improved remarkably. They love learning with Saumu and are prepared for Class 1.


Enyorata Children's Home is excited about their new social worker Jasmin Mhode. She is from the Maji ya Chai area which is close to Enyorata. She is married and they have one child. As the social worker, Jasmin will make visits to the children's homes, write monthly reports as to how the children are doing at the Children's Home and report any issues a child might have including behavior, anxiety or medical problems. She spends time interacting with the children and staff. We are all so happy to have her as part of our team, Karibu!!


also known as Uncle to everyone at Enyorata is the friendly guard and groundskeeper. He is very proud of the large vegetable garden he tends and cares for the chickens. Dismass was married and has three daughters and a son. Five years ago, he left his family because he could not care for them. He approached Vincent about a job in 2017. Since working at Enyorata he has reconnected with his family and helps to support them. He greets everyone with a warm smile and a cheerful hello every day!


is our newest emlpoyee. He joined the Enyorata community in late 2018. When he began serving as the night guard, he took the job so seriously that he wore a suit his first few months. He lives in Usa River with his wife. Solomon loves popcorn and beef jerkey!