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Little Souls is excited to announce that we have finished construction on a guest dormitory building on the property. The dorm includes sleeping quarters, a small kitchenette, and a bathroom (incl shower). Visitors to Enyorata will be able to stay on the property instead of having to book separate accomodations!

Safety has been a top priority ever since our Enyorata family made this wonderful setting their home. Due to the continued support of our generous donors, the addition of this wall provides the utmost permanent security for our children, staff and property. As you can see from the photos, it is well constructed of concrete block and will stand...

We'd like to introduce Irene Stratton as our newest Matron at Enyorata! Irene is 22 and has lived with her parents in Arusha. She started with her education in primary school, followed by secondary school. Irene then attended the IBES school where she learned about childcare and received a certificate. She loves working and playing with children....

In order to add some color and character to the boys and girls dorms, Tracy sent Vincent some ideas for murals. Luckily, Vincent has a friend, Ezekiel, who is a painter! The rainbow of inspiration brightens up the girls dorm, and the safari landscape, the boys dorm. Thank you Ezekiel!

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