Enyorata's Beginning

Vincent Kinga is the man behind the creation of Enyorata. Vincent and his friend Ben had a dream  of starting an orphanage to make lives better for neglected children in  the Usa River area of Tanzania. In 2017,  Vincent asked Tracy Curran, an American, to join them in their endeavor of opening the orphanage. She agreed to help, and Vincent immediately moved forward with the work. He diligently searched for a house, hired  matrons and a cook, formed a Non-Governmental Organization with a Tanzanian board, procured all the necessary documents and registrations, and made sure the first 8 children were comfortably settled. Vincent consulted with the village leader and local pastors to discover children with the greatest need. He accomplished all of this while continuing his regular job at a bed and breakfast and caring for his family. Vincent continues to amaze Tracy with his work ethic, relentless pursuit of his dream, and love for the children and staff. Little Souls is blessed to have Vincent overseeing everything at Enyorata. 


Tracy met Vincent in 2016 when she stayed with friends at a bed and breakfast, Blues and Chutney.  They had traveled to Tanzania to volunteer at an English immersion school in a pre -primary Montessori program. Tracy, Betsy and Sharon frequently talked with Vincent during their 3 -week stay and became friends with him. After leaving Tanzania, Vincent and Tracy kept in touch, and Vincent asked Tracy if she would be interested a Children's Home with him. Not realizing the extent to which she would become involved, Tracy said, "yes." From that point forward, Tracy has been passionate about helping the Children's Home grow and thrive. In June of 2018 Tracy formed a non-profit, Little Souls of Tanzania, a 501(c)3.

Board of Directors

Left: Tracy and Brendan Curran; Top Middle (L-R): Sharon Kemper, Tricia Morehouse, Tracy Curran; Right: Katie Moulton and Devon Nutt; Bottom Middle: Brad Williams

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