We are so excited to share the progress that has been made on our building project! Thanks to our generous donors, we have completed the building which will house our new kitchen and are now in the beginning phase on the first of our two dormitories.

Back to School


On June 29th, these excited and smiling children of Enyorata returned to school, ready to jump into new learning activities following a three-month break due to COVID 19. (Unlike their western counterparts, Zoom learning was not an option.) With exercise books, a pencil, and an eraser in their backpacks, Vincent drove them in the Enyorata van, as...

Here it is!!! The first building on our new property. Bucket by bucket, the cement was poured, reinforcing the roof so our water tanks can be stored on top. We are thrilled about the progress being made and will continue to build just as the Tanzanians do. When they have the money, they build a foundation, then wait until they...

The new Enyorata Children's Home is coming to fruition. The drilling of the well started and we couldn't be more thrilled!!! Exciting times lie ahead as this is only the beginning of new hope and opportunities for the children at Enyorata and the surrounding villages.

New Property


Little Souls of Tanzania is pleased to announce the purchase of two new acres of land. This was made possible by Nick and Penny Morris.
We will be building a new Children's Home for Enyorata and expanding so the children in nearby villages can come for the day and receive a nutritious meal and play/learn with the...

It's time to come out and eat at Chipotle for these precious kiddos at Enyorata Orphan Children's Home!
Your $8/$9 meal means a world of difference, so come support Little Souls tonight. I'll be sending out pictures, post fundraiser, of how the proceeds will be spent to help these children.
I thank you from the bottom of...


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